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Volunteers undertake specialist training a few times a year in:

  • Emergency Incident management systems – where mapping fits in the Incident Management Team Structure, who is in charge, etc.

  • Fire mapping software -  the ICON incident management system, the ESRI based MapDesk GIS mapping program ESRI Search and rescue mapping templates and procedures

  • Software used by other emergency management agencies

  • Optional free nationally accredited programs such as first aid & CPR

Opportunities are also provided for building skills through participating in all-hazards exercises throughout the year.

MAPS Training Day Recap - 24 June 2018

The day started with egg and bacon rolls, tea and coffee.

Training was delivered in small groups to enable hand on/practical training as possible. The following training topics were covered:

  • Administration update from ACT ESA including a briefing on the rollout of our new workforce connect communications app by our Coordinator of internal comms, Darren Cutrupi.

  • Fire mapping refresher and fire mapping lessons learned from recent bushfire events

  • Search and Rescue Mapping refresher and mapping lessons learned from recent search events

  • Operating from the new ESA mobile mapping vehicle

Interesting Articles and Websites

The following are links to interesting articles and websites relating to mapping in emergency management.  We update the links from time to time, so keep an eye on them.


27 Oct 15   BoM: Strong El Niño and positive Indian Ocean Dipole persist


07 Jan 15  Data mapping in disaster zones


07 Jan 15  International Disaster Map - from the RSOE

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